Friday, August 14, 2009

Top 10 reasons to become a paralegal

A paralegal is a person who assist lawyers and had specialized training. Now if you are thinking to become a paralegal, here are the top 10 reasons:
  1. Going to law school will be much easier. As a paralegal, you will have the necessary background and experiences. Eventually you will excel in law school with all these paralegal practical experiences. Let's not forget, recommendation from a few of your close attorneys will be a great help!
  2. You love law subject and legal terminology.
  3. Growing paycheck. You will be working very long hour but you are also rewarded lavishly for that. It is one of the highest pay professional in US.
  4. You won't be jobless. You can practically work anywhere where there is a need of a lawyer. Every company need lawyers and every lawyers need not just one paralegal most of the time.
  5. You increase your self value. Everything you learnt through paralegal jobs such as writing, researching, drafting contracts and so on will be very valuable in any organisation. Hence, you can basically work.... anywhere!
  6. Your work is significant. Let it be a court case or just an agreement between two companies, you the paralegal, speed up the process and let's just say, it won't be completed without you.
  7. You will be successful. Success always follow after you become a paralegal. Look around. Is there any not successful paralegal that you know?
  8. You can speak the law language. As a paralegal, you will learn new law and regulations everyday. Soon, your knowledge of law will be so rich that you might know every loop hole that you can use to escape many things.
  9. Your work will not be bored. You will hands on a lot of practical job such as investigating, researching, preparing legal documents and so on. In fact, you will do more practical jobs than the lawyer.
  10. As a summary, YOU WILL BE IN DEMAND.

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